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jing-mei white terror memorial park


A part of the National Human Rights Museum, the Jing-Mei White Terror Memorial Park in New Taipei City is the first institution in Asia which has transformed a historic location where rights abuses occurred into a site for human rights education.

Dedicated to the atrocities which occurred under Taiwan’s Martial Law Period, the building was actually a military school in 1957–1967. It later housed military courts and a detention center called the Jingmei Military Detention Centre for political dissidents.

The museum is a powerful and somber reminder of this dark period in Taiwan’s history. In the museum, visitors will find military courts and barracks, prisoner and guard rooms, exercise and work yards, and the room where family members would have had the chance for a brief talk to a prisoner via telephone on the other side of a glass wall.

It is primarily a facility for collecting and preserving historical documents and materials relating to human rights from the end of 50 years of Japanese colonial rule Aug. 15, 1945, to the lifting of martial law five years after Taiwan proper in outlying Kinmen and Matsu islands Nov. 7, 1992. It is also responsible for researching and revitalizing sites where significant rights violations occurred as well as managing the two memorial parks, located at former jails for political prisoners.

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