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LUCfest Presents: Live from Taiwan!

The Fur. 
If we trusted biographical profiles, we would hardly know anything about The Fur. apart from the fact that the band formed in the Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung, that its members answer to the aliases Savannah (vocals, guitar), Zero (guitar), Ren (bass) and Wenwen (synthesizers), and that they are working on a debut album that we suppose (and hope) is imminent. But if we listen to the few tracks that they have shared with the world, we can deduce quite a lot about the band. Mainly, that their mind-set is in the eighties, on the island of that dream pop that starts off demure and builds up thanks to the synthetic impulse of a drum machine. And that, although they sing in English, for this quartet the universal language is indie rock.

Outlet Drift
To the western ear, the music by Outlet Drift has as many familiar elements as it has exotic ones: the most recognisable is its power trio format, made up of the brothers Wusang and Putad Pihay (guitar and bass, respectively and alternating vocals), and Kurt Ken on drums and then there is its alignment with grunge with an abrasive touch of psychedelia. Beneath this rock facet are different underlying tonalities, including a powerful and ancestral current that takes us to the musicians’ roots as members of the aboriginal tribe of the Amis. The resulting sound of all this -whose fruits are the album Drowning (2015) and a reputation as an explosive live act- thus emulate the journey of Outlet Drift, from deep-seated tradition to global appeal.