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Yuan Goang-ming at the Hayward Gallery: An Exhibition

Yuan Goang-Ming is a pioneer of video art in Taiwan. Combining symbolic metaphors with technological media, his work expresses the state of contemporary existence, and explores the human mind and consciousness, which in turn has made him one of the foremost Taiwanese artists active in the international media art circle. Through a careful wielding of video techniques and film theories, Yuan challenges viewers’ perception of reality, and transforms quotidian imagery into a poignant critique of the status quo in Taiwan

Yuan Goang-ming has prepared an exhibition specifically for the Hayward Gallery - One of London’s most important spaces for displaying contemporary art.

Between Jun 20 - August 6, visit the Hayward gallery to experience first hand this dynamic and innovative work, which will include: 

Tomorrowland - An imaginary future that pivots around German philosopher Heidegger’s concept of “being-towards-death.” 

Everyday Manoevre - A bird's eye view of the annual air raid drill.

Landscape of Energy - Juxtaposing the inhabitants of Taiwan with intangible danger of nuclear energy, Yuan questions the possibility of peaceful dwelling

The gallery and exhibition are free for all to enter