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Brighton Festival 2019: Tjimur Dance Theatre 'Varhung - Heart to heart'

  • Theatre Royal Brighton (map)

★ ★ ★ ★ 'Starting with a gentle sway that’s like a lullaby in motion, they build into a frenzy of movement (and at times, beautiful song) that takes them to the point of exhaustion. Joy, anger, sadness, it’s all in there, wrapped in sweat-inducing, synchronised dancing.' The Scotsman

★ ★ ★ ★ Evening Standard

Ancient Taiwanese cultural traditions are brought up to date by one of the Pacific island's premier indigenous dance-theatre companies. Tjimur presents a richly patterned, open-hearted performance that shows how the Paiwan people, not used to discussing private feelings, use artforms to bring them to the surface. 

Working in close collaboration with the company’s founding artistic director Ljuzem Madiljin, in-house choreographer (and sibling) Baru Madiljin work with dynamic dancers to show how even a simple task such as weaving can lay bare your deepest emotions.

Such fine-tuned awareness lends the distinctly personal and tribal impulses of Varhung: Heart to Heart an eloquent universal resonance.

24/05/2019: 20:00

25/05/2019: 14:00

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