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For the sixth year in a row the world’s biggest arts festival features a showcase of dance and theatre direct from Taiwan

In 2019 the Taiwan Season returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for a sixth consecutive year with some of the best live performances being made on the island today. Drawn from an open call to practitioners of all art forms in Taiwan, and carefully curated by the key Fringe venues Dance Base and Summerhall, the season spotlights dance and theatre via a quartet of meaningful and uniquely entertaining productions:

Taiwan Season 2019 warmly invites audiences to experience a range of ideas, emotions and flavours in a hand-picked sampling of some the most stimulating contemporary performances from Taiwan. Whether the tone is playful or dramatic, and based in bubbly fantasy or stark reality, these four shows embrace a gamut of creative impulses, varied settings and complex themes: urban and rural, tradition and modernity, the individual and society, public and private, home and homelessness... 

Taiwan Season 2018 is produced and managed collaboratively by Tai He Arts Production Co., Ltd., Taiwan and Step Out Arts, UK and funded by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan. 


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