Yuan Goang-ming Lights Up London During Art Night

Taiwanese artist Yuan Goang-ming’s critically acclaimed video work 'Dwelling' was projected on the outer wall of the South Bank Art Center last night as part of 'Art Night' hosted by London's Hayward Gallery, and received a rapturous response from the general public.

This marks the first time that a Taiwanese artist has been invited to participate in 'Art Night' which is now in its third consecutive year. Using art to evidence how London is a city that never sleeps, art is situated in fifty of the city's most iconic structures and this year brought out over 75,000 people.

In 'Dwelling' Yuan depicts a comfortable living room. A sudden explosion sends all the furniture flying in every direction. Moving in slow motion, the debris eventually reverses its course, retreating until the effects of the explosion are undone. Though not immediately apparent,'Dwelling' was filmed underwater, given the artwork a dreamlike feel. As the room returns to its original state, it is hard to know if anything actually happened. Yuan hints at the instability beneath the surface of daily life. A calamity might be on the horizon—or it may not.

Yuan Goang-ming's work was projected on the outer wall of the Queen Elizabeth Hall opposite the Hayward Art Gallery, and attracted thousands of passers by, who raved about the video peace, with some referring to it as the best work on display this year.

Ralph Roguff, director of the Hayward Museum of Art, praised Yuan Guangming for his extraordinary beauty in the use of images and sound.

In addition to Art Night, Yuan Goang-ming's critically acclaimed debut UK solo show 'TOMORROWLAND' at the Hayward Gallery is open to the public until August 6, and is free for all to enter.