Taiwanese Album Art Culture Celebrated in London Design Festival Debut


The exhibition ‘Sounds of Design: Taiwan’s Contemporary Album Art’ which celebrated Taiwan’s vibrant record design and packaging culture was held between 14-22 September as part of London Design Festival, allowing the London audience to gain an insight into Taiwan’s contemporary design industry.

Featuring works by five innovative Graphic Designers, the exhibition explored the unique and experimental spirit of Taiwanese designers, alongside the vast potential of Taiwan’s printing and manufacturing technology. To celebrate the launch a series of talks were held on 13 and 14 September by Exhibition Curator Lin Wei-jhe (林唯哲) and Golden Melody Award-winning Graphic Designer Aaron Nieh (聶永真), where they discussed both contemporary trends in record design, and how art can be used to create a connection between music and the listener.

Established in 2003, London Design Festival demonstrates the capital’s reputation as the global centre of design, and last year attracted over 588,000 individual visitors from more than 75 countries.