Taiwan Season Critically Acclaimed

Back for its sixth consecutive year, all four shows in the 2019 edition of Taiwan Season at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe have not only been performing to full houses day after day, but have also been receiving critical acclaim across the board. Here, we have brought all reviews and accolades together in one place for your convenience!

Floating Flowers - B.DANCE


***** Broadway Baby - An extraordinary piece in its sheer beauty, its piercing emotion, energy and originality.. it will stay with you for ever.

***** The Wee Review - Floating Flowers is not only a highlight of the dance on offer at this year’s Fringe, it is a highlight of the dance presented to Edinburgh audiences this year

***** Edinburgh Review - I have given only a handful of 5 star awards in more than 15 years of reviewing, this will be one of them. Anything less would be criminal

**** The Scotsman - At the end, the rousing applause is as much for the athleticism as the aesthetics

**** The List - Exhilarating and breathtakingly executed

**** Seeing Dance - I doubt you will see more physicality, more non-stop energy, from any dance piece this Fringe

Bout - Chang Dance Theatre


***** The Wee Review - An outstanding and exhilarating piece of work

**** The Guardian - Bout floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee (And recommended as one of the must-see shows of the festival - here)

**** Seeing Dance - Bout immediately draws you in. The tight space...intensifies everything. It binds the action tightly

**** To Do List - A beautifully contemplative dance piece inspired by boxing

**** The Scotsman - The dynamic between the trio is as fluid as their bodies

*** A Younger Theatre - Bout is a serene, graceful piece with creative choreography performed by superbly professional dancers

Monster - Dua Shin Te Production


***** The Wee Review - Monster is an outstanding achievement and dares to not only be different but revels in its uniqueness

**** Edinburgh Guide - Monster is radical in its conception and avant-garde in its form and shape

Highly Recommended Show, Fringe Review - It explores the basic whilst performing the complex

*** Fest - Yen-Cheng’s movement has a fluid—almost lackadaisical—nonchalance that slowly morphs with lithe purpose

** Seeing Dance - There are moments of humour and irony

Fish - Shinehouse Theatre


**** The List - It draws upon diverse skills to shine a warm and loving light on the subtly complex cultural values that can exist between the generations.

*** The Wee Review - During the short time frame we experience delightful puppetry and expressive storytelling

*** Seeing Dance - What does come through loud and clear, and especially at the end, is the poignancy of the story