Taiwanese Musicians Attract Large Crowd at Glastonbury

Picture: @AllJustNoise1 (Twitter)

Picture: @AllJustNoise1 (Twitter)

On Thursday 27 June, two Taiwanese musicians performed at the iconic Glastonbury Festival to a full house of international music fans.

Internationally acclaimed indie band No Party for Cao Dong and renowned indigenous singer-songwriter & activist Suming took to the Pussy Parlure Stage, a venue known for featuring the best up-and-coming acts.

Prior to the festival, Gigwise said that No Party for Cao Dong were ready to “slay” the audience, mentioning that they were“great for Taiwan [and] great for rock music.” Alongside Glastonbury, Suming performed at the Scene Taiwan Film Festival in Edinburgh, as part of his world tour.

Since first being officially invited to perform in 2014, Taiwanese musicians have graced various stages at Glastonbury twelve times.

Glastonbury is the most renowned festival in the UK, and one of the most famous across the globe. This year, alongside Taiwanese musicians, artists including Kylie Minogue, The Killers and Janet Jackson took to the stage, performing to tens of thousands of people.