Taiwanese Artists Delight Museum Visitors

Thousands of visitors to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London on Friday 26 July were intrigued and delighted by the works on display by two Taiwanese artists as part of the renowned Friday Late event

Friday Late celebrates all aspects of contemporary visual culture and design in society, bringing audiences face-to-face with leading and emerging artists and designers through live performance, film, installation, debate, DJs and late-night exhibition openings. The theme for their most recent event, Pick of the Litter, explored how our infatuation with pets has become part of a generational identity.

Choreographer and Dancer Yu-hsien Wu performed her piece Dirty PawS, which explores the interconnected movements between animals and human beings. Meanwhile, Bio-Artist Kuang-yi Ku presented his exhibition Pet’s Pettings, which asked the question: are pets entitled to their own romantic lives, and does the concept of sexuality and sexual desire apply equally to pets as it does to humans?

Photography by Hydar Dewachi