£5 Entry on First Day to Taiwan Season Performances


August 1st officially marks the first day of the highly anticipated Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and to celebrate, 35 shows are offering the public the opportunity to see performances for only £5.

Taiwan Season has two shows that are taking part in this offer: Our Theatre's 'The Delusion of Home' and Sun Son Theatre's 'Once Upon A Daydream'

About 'Once Upon a Daydream'
"Originally created by visual artist/actor Liu Wan Chun, this disarming show is a 21st century city fairytale, telling the story of a single woman who returns home after work every day to a world of the imagination."

About 'The Delusion of Home'

The Delusion of Home is a strong and original documentary-style depiction of everyday life in the Chiayi area of southern Taiwan, refracted through one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies. Live performance and projected photographs of the declining villages of Taiwan’s southern coastline are skilfully integrated to illuminate some stark human truths