Taiwan Season Performers Receive Rave Reviews

The quartet of performance groups taking part in Taiwan Season at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe have received unanimous praise for their initial performances.

Tjimur Dance Theatre's "Varhung: Heart to Heart" received a 5/5 review from theatre critique site Broadway Baby. Critic Stephanie Green said that  "The show was mesmerizing experience of exquisitely melded indigenous and contemporary dance... The audience too will be breathless at the emotional power of this extraordinary show." Kelly Apter of the Scotsman gave the show four stars, calling it one of the highlights of all the shows on at Dance Base this year, and said that it "has a mesmerising quality that borders on hypnotic."

Audiences have similarly been raving. In several post show interviews, audience members praised the dancers ability to convey emotion and meaning whilst performing complex choreography, with others claiming that "it's completely blown me away."

"Once Upon A Daydream" by Sun Son Theatre received a 4/5 star review by Fest Mag, where critic Katharine Kavanagh highlights that the show is "Superbly executed, funny and adorable." 

Broadway Baby awarded Chang Dance Theatre's "Bon 4 Bon" five stars, saying that they "adored" the show, and that "there is a cool, hip feel, a sophisticated wit and a lightness which looks so natural but... is the result of great skill, technique and a finely tuned sensibility." The show has also been designated a recommended view by Fringe Review UK. Jo Tomalin says that "They dance in tight formations across the large performance space, and break off into complex individual motifs."

Again, the audience has been enamored by the four brothers, with many post-show reviews highlighting the shows ability to cross-cultures, and improve understanding of Taiwan. Chang Dance Theatre were also  invited to showcase at the press reception of Dance Base on Sunday August 5.

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