Taiwan Season has Official Launch Party

To celebrate the launch of Taiwan Season at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and its fifth consecutive appearance at the festival, a lively reception was held on Tuesday 7 August which was attended by the CEO of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Shona McCarthy, Dance Base Director Morag Deyes and Summerhall Program Manager Verity Leigh, alongside over 200 people from Scotland's art world. National Culture and Art Foundation Chairwoman Lin Mun-lee, the delegation she is currently leading in the UK, and contemporary legendary theatre art director Wu Hsing-kuo were also in attendance.

Held at Summerhall, Taiwanese performers had the opportunity to communicate with national curators, art critics, the media, venue directors and other performance groups. All four groups got the opportunity to wow the VIP audience with their performances. Guests at the event noted that the creative ideas on display were a great introduction to the national culture of Taiwan.

In addition to performances, 'Taiwan Night" also invited special guests to take the stage to congratulate the Taiwan Season performers. Representative David Y.L. Lin commended Taiwan Season for being part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for five consecutive years. He also said that through the art and strength of the wonderful and diverse performers, Taiwan can connect with the international art and cultural circles.

Shona McCarthy, CEO of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, mentioned that the Taiwanese performances were exquisite and diverse, and that Taiwan Season has become one of the signature shows of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Morag Deyes, Art Director of Dance Base said that in the past five years, Taiwan Season participants have shown superb choreography and dance skills. She also said in her congratulatory speech that she is very happy to have established a deep partnership with Taiwan, and that she hopes to continue this co-operation in the future.

To close the night, an elegant performance by Tjimur Dance Theatre was accompanied by the guests dancing in a circle, resulting in a lively and warm atmosphere.