Taiwan Season Wows Crowds at Edinburgh's Royal Mile

One of Edinburgh's most famous tourist spots was the scene of a grand performance by the groups taking part in Taiwan Season on Monday August 6.

Taiwan Season had the opportunity to perform on the The Royal Mile in Edinburgh's Old Town, where they were able to display their creative talents and promote their shows to members of the general public and the crowds of people that have come from abroad specifically for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

TRO Representative David Y.L. Lin , Director of the Edinburgh Office Jason Lien, and Cultural Director Cheryl Lai joined the performers and led a parade down the street, much to the delight of onlookers. Each team used refined costumes or special styles. Tjimur Dance Theatre dressed in the Paiwan traditional costumes; the four brothers of the Chang Dance Theatre wore white T-shirts to represent their fresh style; the troupe from Chiayi, Sun Son Theatre, saw the protagonist of King Lear’s costumes attract attention; and finally Our Theatre wore over-sized wigs and put on colorful costumes.

The parade ended with all teams coming together to shout "Taiwan Season, We are back!" which was greeted by a rapturous applause from the audience.

Following the parade, the four Taiwan Season groups boarded a stage on the Royal Mile and gave the public a preview of their shows. In the end, all the teams formed a circle and performed a four-step dance of the Paiwan people, and invited the audience to join the dance, singing loudly. "We are all family members."

Taiwan Season was also joined by two other groups from Taiwan participating in the festival; The Graduate Institute of Performing Arts from National Taiwan Normal University performing "Beyond Beauty - Our Country Taiwan" and Team Furry Tails who are presenting the children's show "A Cockroach and Furry Blurry Fluffy Things."